2009-06-19, Fri

Using pidgin on custom Google Apps domain

Here’s how to get on to the Google Talk or Google Chat service on your custom Google Apps domain using Pidgin.

Assuming your username is john.doe and your custom Google Apps domain is example.com.

  1. In Pidgin, Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add
  2. Under the Basics tab
    Protocol: XMPP
    Username: john.doe
    Domain: example.com
    Resource: <blank>
    Password: <your password>
  3. Under the Advanced tab
    Require SSL / TLS: Check
    Connect server: talk.google.com
    (Leave everything else to default settings)
  4. Click on Add, and connect away!

For a guide complete with screenshots, go here.

Isaac Su

tags: google-apps google-chat google-talk im pidgin



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