2009-06-17, Wed

Portable MAMP or Apache + PHP Web server on Mac OS X

Having recently gained access to some souped up 24in iMac’s at uni, I’ve been wanting to do some web development work on them, but they are severely locked down and restricted, which means there’s no way I can install any additional software.

In comes Abyss Web Server which allows you to run a webserver + php off a USB stick (with minimal configuration and zero installation). They’ve also got some good instructions on how to add server-side scripting functionality like PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and even ASP without ever touching the System Files (which are usually locked down in a public terminal).

(Note: I haven’t figured out how to get mysql working just yet, but stay tuned. I’ll have something ready soon.)

Isaac Su

tags: apache asp http httpd mac-os-x mamp perl php portable ruby webserver



  1. I found your article and set up abyss pretty quickly on a USB drive—very handy. Did you ever solve the mysql install issue? Have not found an answer elsewhere yet.

    — Matthew Patulski · Mar 2, 05:50 PM · #

  2. I too am looking for MySQL integration into a PHP package available completely portable for Linux + OSX. Any ideas?

    — Brian · Mar 10, 02:41 PM · #

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