2009-05-07, Thu

Reading the Windows minidump file

If you’ve recently experience persistent BSOD on windows vista or windows xp, but don’t have any information except for the useless stop error codes like 0×0000007E, taking a peek into the windows crash dump or minidump file might give you some vital clues as to what’s causing the crash.

  1. Download and install Debugging Tools for Windows (64bit version here)
  2. After installing it, run the application WinDbg.
  3. File -> Open Crash Dump
  4. Look under c:\windows\Minidump and open the most recent .dmp file.
  5. Once it is loaded, something like this should come up:
      Probably caused by : ifsmount.sys ( ifsmount+cbf0 )

Deal with the file, and you’re fixed!

Isaac Su

tags: bsod crash crash-dump drivers minidump vista windows windowsxp



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