2009-04-22, Wed

Custom softkey shortcuts on Treo 750

I use the SMS function a lot more than I use the E-mail function on my Treo 750 (running Windows Mobile 6.1), so it speeds things up a lot if I’m able to use the left softkey (that defaults to E-mail) to access my Messaging program.

  1. Download Advanced Configuration Tool from TouchXperience.
  2. Grab the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 if you haven’t already installed it on your Treo 750.
  3. Install both files.
  4. Open Advanced Config on your Treo 750.
  5. Tap on Menu → More settings → Key mapping

There, you can assign shortcuts to pretty much any the hardware buttons on the Treo 750, including the left softkey.

Isaac Su

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