2009-01-14, Wed

Photoshop CS3 traps/swallows up Escape Key

When running Photoshop CS3 on Windows Vista, the Escape key seems to be trapped/swallowed up by Photoshop. Essentially, the Escape key stops functioning outside of Photoshop unless Photoshop is terminated.

Since there aren’t any official fixes for the problem just yet, here are two workarounds.

  1. Use the Shift-Escape sequence, when you need the Escape functionality in other applications.
  2. Run this AutoHotKey applet that automatically maps your Escape key to Shift-Escape when Photoshop is running. Applet created by Serge Baranov

Read up the ongoing discussion about the issue.

Isaac Su

tags: autohotkey bug escape-key fix photoshop software vista workaround



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