2009-12-08, Tue

Use Blackberry Browser on standard GPRS TCP connection (no BES/BIS)

Blackberry makes really good devices for phone calls and SMS’s, but I haven’t found a good enough reason to shell out almost $30/month for the privilege of using their email service.

Till now, the only browser I get to use is Opera Mini, which is quite slow and heavy compared to the native blackberry browser.

Recently, I’ve found a way to reenable my blackberry browser by installing some custom services books. These service books configures the browser to use a standard TCP/GPRS connection rather than the BIS/BES connection.

This also means no more ‘Unable to open a PDP Context’ and ‘blackberry.wap’ errors.

Isaac Su

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  1. Off topic… i know, but … I love your blog design.

    Less is more !

    sotto · Dec 18, 01:04 PM · #

  2. Hey ..
    I can help in providing BB settings to run Blackberry browser and all Third Party Apps using only GPRS for service providers in India including Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance GSM etc..

    NO need to take BIS or BES Services as they are very costly in India…

    U can also run internet on your laptop/PC through your balckberry handset on GPRS .. and get best speed upto 20KBps.

    U can also run all third party applications like google maps, gmail, blackberry weather etc.. through GPRS

    just mail me at [email protected]

    siddharath sikri · Jan 21, 02:51 PM · #

  3. hey sidhart…………. hi…….
    listen buddy i really want to browse internet on my bb 8220…….. i will be ever grateful to u……………yaaaaaaaaar plz

    — amar · Apr 7, 09:15 AM · #

  4. i will be very gratefull

    — kinn · Jan 8, 08:28 PM · #

  5. pl guide me to run gprs and web on my bb storm and bold9000 phones without sub to bes/bses on my bsnl phone

    UMESH KUMAR · Jan 12, 10:50 AM · #

  6. help me too
    i have a storm

    — ahad · Feb 17, 06:34 AM · #

  7. Can I please get these too..I have sent a separate email as well.

    dhruv · May 23, 08:04 PM · #

  8. i will be grateful

    sunil dhaka · Aug 5, 06:56 PM · #

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