2011-09-29, Thu

jQuery Validation not working in Internet Explorer

jQuery Validation plugin was working fine in Firefox and Chrome, but it wouldn’t validate my form in IE7 or IE8 when I submit it.

What’s even more odd is that in both versions Internet Explorer, the validation error labels still come up when fields lose their focus, but it still allows the form submission to go through. In other words, it’s not blocking a form that fails validation from getting submitted.

When you pair jQuery Validator 1.8.0 or 1.7 or lower with anything less than jQuery 1.6, it WILL NOT WORK in Internet Explorer. You have two options.

  1. Upgrade your jQuery Validator to 1.8.1 or higher, or
  2. Downgrade your jQuery library to 1.5.2 or lower

For my case, the solution was ridiculously simple, hopefully you’ll be able to read this post and not waste as much time as I did.

Solution found here: jquery-validation Issue #105

Isaac Su

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  1. I have jQuery 1.9.0 and jQuery Validate 1.10.0 and validation in IE still doesn’t work…any ideas?

    Sorin · Jan 28, 10:52 PM · #

  2. Thanks boss

    — Shiva · Jul 11, 08:22 PM · #

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