2010-01-02, Sat

How to reuse windows when opening folders in Nautilus

One of the things that annoyed me about using Fedora 11 is the way the default filesystem browser behaved whenever you decided to enter a folder – it would automatically open a new file browser window.

This WILT shows you how to make Nautilus open the folder in the same window rather than spawning a new window.

  1. Open a new Nautilus window by double clicking on any folder on your Desktop, or by clicking through Places -> Home Folder.
  2. Select Edit -> Preferences.
  3. Under the Behavior tab, enable the Always open in browser windows checkbox.

That’s it. I blame it on a poorly labelled toggle that sounds more like Nautilus is going to open files in my web browser.

Isaac Su

tags: behavior browser gnome linux nautilus window



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