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How to hide phone number when making a call

Here’s how you can selectively withhold your phone number when making a call from a mobile. This causes your number to show up as “Private Number” or “Number Withheld” on the recipient’s handset.

To hide your number, just add the prefix #31# to the number you are dialing. For example, to call the number 0400777666 without revealing your own number, dial


I’ve tested this on Vodafone and Optus in Australia, but it should work for other networks and countries as well.

If you’re dialing from a landline, try adding the prefix 1831 to the number you’re dialing

Isaac Su

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  1. Sorry to Say this but it does not work for Vodafone in India, pops up an error stating Please Check your Caller ID Setting

    — Abhinav Rege · Sep 4, 02:24 AM · #

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