2009-02-23, Mon

Faster Blackberry Battery Changeover

Blackberry phones are known to have very long start-up times. This is especially inconvenient when you’re wanting to swap over to a second battery, or swap a SIM card in a Blackberry phone. Here’s how you can save some time.

  1. Have a Blackberry/USB charger and the appropriate power source handy.
  2. Power off the device by pressing and holding on the power button, or selecting the “Turn Power Off” item from the home menu.
  3. Connect the Blackberry to the charger. You should see the charging indicator come on.
  4. Swap the battery or SIM card.
  5. This saves the need for a cold start-up on the phone.

Thanks to powerwind841117 from Blackberryforums.com.au

Isaac Su

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