2011-09-28, Wed

Facebook Send Button Pop-Up turns transparent

While trying to add a Facebook Send button to my site via AddThis, I noticed that the pop-up from the Facebook Send button turns transparent when the mouse cursor hovers over it.

This is caused by a css rule that is making the a tag transparent. To fix it, add style="opacity:1;" to the a tag like this:

   <a class="addthis_button_facebook_send" style="opacity:1;"></a>

Original solution: AddThis forum thread

Isaac Su

tags: addthis facebook html opacity send



  1. Awesome! Thanks for this — my facebook “like” pop-up was overlapping a google map component and the change in opacity was causing the both of them to flicker back and forth on mouse-over! very lame, but this fixed the issue :) much appreciated.

    — Jeffrey Kaplan · Oct 14, 03:19 PM · #

  2. You’re most welcomed, Jeff.

    — Isaac Su · Oct 15, 11:06 PM · #

  3. <3 thx

    — Marhlder · Apr 24, 01:37 AM · #

  4. Thanks! It was happening to me with the Like button, but your fix worked in the same fashion!

    Steve Meisner · Jul 6, 01:41 AM · #

  5. I spent a very frustrating hour trying to figure this one out. Then ran across your suggestion, which resulted in me saving many more hours of head-banging frustration. For that, I thank you most sincerely :)

    — jaygur · Aug 28, 08:06 AM · #

  6. Thanks Isaac, your solution worked.

    Brandon Michael Black · Sep 24, 06:58 AM · #

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