2011-01-28, Fri

join XVID AVI video files using the linux command line

So I had two AVI files that were curiously split into CD1 and CD2 folders in transit, and I wanted to watch them as a single file rather than switching between files halfway through the feature.

Here’s how you can do it using a nifty program called mencoder

      mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -noodml -o ./joined.avi 
               path-to/file1.avi path-to/file2.avi

(all on a single line)

  • -oac copy transfer mode for audio
  • -ovc copy transfer mode for video
  • -noodml don’t write OpenDML index
  • -o ./joined.avi output file
  • path-to/file1.avi path-to/file2.avi files you want to join in that order.

To be able to use mencoder you’ll need to install it by typing this into a terminal.

On Debian/Ubuntu

      sudo aptitude install mencoder

On Redhat/Fedora

      sudo yum install mencoder
Isaac Su

tags: avi bash linux mencoder mpeg3 xvid



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